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The Luxury Canal Cruising France Experience

The concept of a cruise is nothing new, with the world’s oceans and waterways packed with vessels of all shapes and sizes while catering to all budgets. In recent years, luxury river cruises have been all the rage.

The experience of traveling along iconic European waterways while experiencing the culture of several different countries have combined to make this one of the most buoyant segments of the tourism market.

Now, it’s a far more intimate travel experience which is all the rage as the thousands of kilometres of canals, which were once the route for commerce and transport across the continent, are turned into the waterways of choice for those seeking a fresh cruise experience.

Canal cruises are available in several European countries but it’s not hard to guess why France is by far the most popular destination. The canals of Venice, the UK and the Netherlands may be better known, but France offers more than 8000 kilometres of inland waterways of which almost half is made up of canals.

The vessels that meander slowly along the canals are far removed from the vessels that ply their trade along Europe’s main rivers or the gargantuan cruise ships that sail the world’s oceans. They typically cater for just eight to 12 guests and a handful of crew members. History buffs will enjoy the fact that these now-luxurious craft were once working ships carrying cargo along the same winding waterways.

Personal service is to the fore, with the stunning scenery and history of the countryside combined with stunning French cuisine and a healthy supply of the nation’s famous wines. Some cruises combine this with the ability to dine ashore at one of the scores of towns and villages through which the canals meander.

Another unique part of the luxury canal cruising experience is interacting with one of the scores of lockkeepers who keep the network operating by raising or lowering the water level to allow the barges to continue their journey.

The opportunity to cruise the canals of France is also not limited to specific regions as the network criss-crosses the entire country. In the east of the country, the Canal de Bourgogne runs between the rivers Seine and Rhone. It is the highest canal in France and passes through an incredible 189 locks. The Canal de Roanne à Digoin and Canal du Centre are other cruising options in the popular Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region.

The best known of these waterways is the Canal du Midi. Declared a UNESCO heritage site in 1996, this incredible feat of engineering connects the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea through the foothills of the Pyrénneés and in the shadow of voluminous plane trees along the banks.

So if you’re seeking a unique luxury travel experience off the beaten track, make sure the option of a luxury French canal cruise is added to your bucket list when next considering a European holiday.

Why Luxury Canal Cruising France?

With fifteen years experience in luxury accommodation and charter vessel booking catering to a high end market in Australia, Directors Leigh and Kristie Kaighin are proud to channel their knowledge, expertise, and first class client service to provide guests with the unique holiday experience only a luxury canal cruise of France’s scenic waterways can offer.

Drawing on their extensive travel experiences throughout France and the continent, and a long-term fascination of European history and culture, Leigh and Kristie discovered canal cruising over a decade ago. Falling in love with the relaxed lifestyle, they were inspired to purchase their own vessel and have cruised the Canal du Midi every year since.

With an established history of exceeding guests’ requirements through personalised service and a demonstrated track record of success with their Australian-based Whitsunday and Hamilton Island holidays, Kristie and Leigh look forward to sharing the joys of luxury canal cruising and the beauty of regional France with their fellow Australians.

When you book with Luxury Canal Cruising France you can expect:

  • Firsthand knowledge of the Canal du Midi, including indepth regional information, cultural and historical particulars, and itinerary highlights.
  • A prompt, efficient and reliable service. From initial enquiry through to booking confirmation and any questions in between, we’re committed to responding to every communication swiftly and professionally.
  • A collection of barge hotels that have been handpicked for their character, quality, luxury inclusions, immaculate presentation, and comfort.
  • An experienced captain and crew who understand and respond to the unique requirements of their passengers while assuring safety, comfort and the holiday of a lifetime.
  • A relaxing, rewarding holiday experience specifically designed to offer the ultimate in luxury across an itinerary that combines the many sites of historical merit with the region’s natural assets.
  • A genuine client service, offering itinerary and cruise advice and recommendations based on your individual requirements, group size and timeframe.
  • A booking service by Australians for Australians that is 100% Australian owned and operated.

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